Lea Book Listings!

American Girl Doll News

Here are the plots:

Lea Leads the Way and Lea Dives In are by Lisa Yee, but no descriptions. Lea and Camila is written by Lisa Yee as well as Kellen Hertz, is going to be released on March 1st, and has the following description: For spring break, GOTY 2016 has invited her friend Camila to St. Louis for a stateside adventure. They find a stray kitten and make a mysterious discovery while visiting a grand but crumbling mansion. GOTY 2016 is determined to uncover the secrets of her discovery, but in her search for clues she forgets to be a good host to Camila. And when GOTY 2016’s best friend, Abby, becomes fast friends with Camila, GOTY 2016 feels a little left out. Can she find a way to reconnect with her friends — and solve the mystery, too?

The boxed set has this description: Girls will love hiking…

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Maryellen News!


American Girl Doll News

An hour ago, American Girl officially announced Maryellen, the doll from the 50’s. Her story is about how she follows her heart instead of the crowd- probably she’s not a sock hopper like we’ve imagined? The book cover looks like those “Grace Thomas Historical Doll” leaks from last year. We will show you.

The cover of her meet book. The cover of her meet book.

Last year's leaks. Last year’s leaks.

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Maplelea Monday Australian Invasion (alternate title: spending my bonus chapter 5)

Saila doesn’t like Shiela.

my dolly addiction

A new friend has arrived to say G’day!

This is Emily.  Pictures follow.  It took her 7 days to get here from Australia (though she’s spent the last 2 or 3 chilling at the post office down the street).  I love her.  I think I’m going to change her name to Sheila because I already have a doll named Emily.  She came with boots and flipflops, and she has special toes to let her wear flipflops!  I also unbuttoned her top button for her closeup so you can see her vinyl breastplate.  This allows for her head to move in lots of directions, and it will make tanktops and swimsuits look prettier (Now if only I can find some in her size).  The lower part of her torso (which I don’t have a picture of because it seemed indecent) is cloth and stuffed to make her huggable.  And I really…

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Twas the night before Christmas

"Stay Fresh My Friends"

Twas the night before Christmas and all across Twitter
Tweeples eyes were lit, they were all a-glitter.

The tweets they were flying with speed and delight
as each one made plans for that great winter’s night

“I’m traveling”, “I’m eating”, “I’m hanging with family”
“I just wrapped the presents, I can say now so eagerly”

The fail whale, oh the fail whale, now please go away
if we can’t tweet right now, it won’t be Christmas Day!

Dear Santa, please Santa, here’s what we want most
Just to help Twitter find a better web host!

On Amazon, On iTunes, on Pinterest
On Overstock, on Yahoo, on Google+

On Zappos, on Dell and on Facebook
keep moving that Twitter sleigh so it doesn’t get stuck.

And that’s when I saw it, a light oh-so bright
a gift just for me that I’d open that night

A 30-inch monitor, inviting to me

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