SNM Turns 50!

We Begin with the “Most Famous” graphics of the show, made by Ukrainian Jewish Alexander Tatarsky (1950-2007), one of the USSR’s best Animators.

This is from A Monday Night episode (i liked this one, well, my 3rd best, behind 1997 and 2002)

This one is secondary in 1986, but official in 1991, (i didn’t like it anyway)

Then This one in 1995 (not so good)

but in 1997, everything went 100% better with this one

then in 1999

and finally, my favorite, the 2002 version! (this is the one i liked best)

Here’s to Russia’s favorite top rated Children’s Show.

I’d Rather see Dmitry Malikov in Vienna (Part 1)

If Perviy Kanal sends Golos 2014 Winner to Vienna for ESC 2015, He or She will be the Russian Rodney Gilfry.
I’d rather see VGTRK/Russia 1 send Dmitry Malikov instead. Dmitry Malikov

Here’s one of Dmitry’s songs.